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While we know having fun is a great way to enjoy these machines. We also know they are built to tackle just about any job which is why we also work with some local business to help give them the right tools to get the job done!


Working with Farms, Law Enforcement, Fire Rescue, Government Agencies, Property Management, and Construction companies we know that dependability and comfort matters. With our Full line of Polaris GEM vehicles and the Full Polaris Ranger Lineup we are able to help you get the tools you need to any job site! Whether its going off-road through new developments or driving your clients to your next tour, there is something for everyone!

GEM Work 2
GEM Work

We can upgrade and customize just about any unit to fit the needs of your business.

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Average Cost of Ownership

CompareGEM® e6®*Gas-Powered Van**GEM® eL XD*Gas-Powered Truck**
Vehicle Cost$20,469$31,446$15,944$27,327
Total Expenses$22,670$44,662$18,145$38,643
3 Year Cost to Own$14,482$29,803$11,767$22,955
3 Year Cost of Ownership $/mile$0.77$1.59$0.63$1.22
3 Year Cost of Ownership minus Vehicle Depreciation $/mile$0.12$0.70$0.12$0.60
3 Year Cost of Operation (electricity/fuel + maintenance) $/mile$0.03$0.28$.03$0.19