Kent Johnson - Owner & Operator

Kent Johnson

Owner & Operator
Locally owned and operated for 26 years, by this guy right here. Former roadracer and passionate for the business. Kent is a caring employer who wants to see You,(the customer) as happy as he can.
Tony Kindred - Sales Manager

Tony Kindred

Sales Manager
20 years in the industry. Caring husband and father of 2. Avid Motorcyclist and racer. Tony is one of those guys that truly wants to make the customer happy. We really love the way he makes people smile. Come on in and be part of all the excitment


Wayne Dickey - ATV/Offroad Mechanic

Wayne Dickey

ATV/Offroad Mechanic
Zach Rouslin - service Manager

Zach Rouslin

service Manager
Zach has many years in our industry and is an avid motorcyclist.Many people in our area love and respect him. Adventurous and fun to be around. Come on in and let Zach help you with all your service needs.
Matt Graham - After sales manager

Matt Graham

After sales manager
Experience and knowledge is the name of the game. Matt is a caring father 2 and an avid motorcycle racer. Well renown for his riding ability. He truly cares about your experience.
New Employee -

New Employee